Glendalough Hermitage Centre-Pilgrimage Walks

Glendalough Hermitage Centre

Celebrating St Kevin’s Day 3 rd June 2023

Pilgrim Walks:

Following the tradition of pilgrimage, a series of walks has been organised to mark St

Kevin’s Day on Saturday 3 rd June in Glendalough. Participants will walk towards

Glendalough following a choice of 7 different routes which will merge along the way with

other walkers from the same area.

Area A

Route 1 Glenmalure: Leader: Carmel O Toole 087 4165298

Route 2: Ballinabarney/Greenane Leaders: Sean Dunne 086 8937650

Jimmy Devitt 087 7832870

Area B

Route 3: Annamoe: Leader: Robbie Carter 085 8118198

Route 4: Glenmacnass: Leader: Ann Nolan 086 0851665

Area C

Route 5: Trooperstown Leader: Andrew Doyle 086 8370088

Route 6: Clara Vale Leader: Ann O Brien 085 1102220

Area D

Route 7: Wicklow Gap Leader: Sr Breda Ahearn 087 2446601

If you’re thinking of walking all you need to do is-

Pick one of the routes and then contact the group leader who will give you the details on

the route’s length, starting time, location etc

Each person will walk all or part of their chosen route finishing with a ‘gathering’ of walkers

sharing refreshments at the Hermitage Centre near St Kevin’s Church, Laragh around 1pm.